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Madhusudan Singh Solanki

Practicing Consultant Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist De-addiction specialist and Independent Music Producer, Song Writer and Poet.

Madhusudan : The Musician & the Songwriter Poet

A doctor in fact a psychiatrist that too with a gold medal in psychiatry but music too has always remained close to his heart…finely balancing two difficult and deep subjects both of which require a lot of hard work and efforts.. this guy has sailed through a lot of difficulties and finally with his continuous efforts and amazing talent he has realized his dream of weaving music and healing the minds.

Has been trained in Hindustani classical in childhood for few years and after that all the remaining journey in his musical stride has been done by him alone…hailing from a town where nobody knew any western instrument or composing, he dreamt of composing on a synthesizer and computer when none was available. But what a man supposes god  disposes… along with his studies he continued his musical passion and gradually made his own small home studio setup and released his music on the first portal for independent music in India tempostand  where he became the first artist of the year and still enjoys the maximum page views.

His music reflects his understanding of human psyche and the need for peace and harmony with soothing central melody and various components of world music with stress on the taste of what you are able to hear finally rather than what it is made up of.

Madhusudan says  music according to me is “what sounds good to your ears and soothes your soul”  no boundaries of generes, languages ,or mediums.

He defines himself as a simple person who tries to put together whatever musical ideas come to his mind of course from that infinite source of all creations we call universe or god and says he is learning and has to learn a lot before calling himself a musician.

Madhusudan’s music is also available@ https://soundcloud.com/madhusudan-singh-solanki

@ tempostand.com

You tube channel@  leelantrance

Madhusudan : The Mind healer (Psychiatrist)

He has learnt and polished his psychiatric skills in two of the biggest hospitals in India namely Safdarjung Hospital & VM Medical College New Delhi and BJ Medical College & Civil hospital Ahmedabad, passing his post graduation in psychiatry with a Gold Medal. In this process he got a chance to treat a vast number of mentally ill patients belonging to varied culture and social strata and he also got opportunities to successfully run consultation liaison psychiatry services, deaddiction services and child guidance clinics in the two of the biggest tertiary care centers. he was also chosen for a prestigious community mental project in the Asia Pacific region-a University of Melbourne and Govt of India initiative.He is also an author and validator for mental health content on the prestigious National Health Portal. He has excellent communication skills and believes in holistic patient care with area of interest including Cognitive behavioral therapy. various psychotherapies and development of alternative therapies like music therapy.

Has been a covered and applauded in the leading Newspapers and media of the country for his creative efforts in spreading mental health awareness and reduction of stigma attached to mental illness (See In News).

Currently he is spearheading the mental health and well being  services at The Saket City Hospital New Delhi (See Contact)

Here is a small note from him for all the special people in his life..

“I am really thankful to god , my family, close friends and all my teachers who have been a constant support all throughout, all the people in whose recovery or healing I was a medium by the grace of healing universe or the almighty, to all the people who listened to and liked my music, thankful to the really talented and amazing artist friends who have worked with me and last but not the least I am thankful to you for your kind presence here and reading about me.”

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