“A psychiatrist par excellence and a truly blessed musical prodigy, both at the same time and effortlessly so, he has this unusual knack of seamlessly blending both these skills to get this heady cocktail mix full of powerhouse talent, the intoxication of which no one can dare to escape. Trance’ is what he gets you out from as a shrink. Au contraire, ‘Trance’ is what he thrusts you in through his compositions and melodies…!! Either of it, he does with élan. One moment, he’s simplicity personified. And just in the very next, he surprises you with his complex ways and many facets. Sheer talent and conscientious efforts maketh  Madhusudan what he is today!!”

-Dr. Girish Banwari MBBS MD, Assistant Professor Psychiatry, VS Medical College, Ahmedabad Gujrat.

“Out of the zillions of people out there, only some are  sensitized towards mental illnesses, only few feel for the  plight of mentally ill and only rare of the rarest work towards making a difference in their lives…I am proud to have a friend like him!”

-Dr. Mehnaz  Zafar MBBS MD, Assistant Professor Psychiatry, Core Clinical Faculty RAK Medical & Health Sciences University UAE.

“Dr Madhusudan has done a wonderful work as reflected in his efforts, the song and video made by him truly explains the problems faced by such patients and how the stigma and attitude of people forces them to continue to suffer in silence. My pleasure to have met met such a gem of a person and psychiatrist”.

-Colonel (retd) A K Mehndiratta, president of NGO `Prayatan` which works for the rehabilitation of mentally challenged patients. Chandigarh

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