Depression is an all pervasive global burden now: Dr Madhusudan Singh Solanki

Speaking on the occasion of World Health Day 2017 and addressing senior faculty members and doctors from other specialty Dr Madhusudan Singh Solanki emphasized that depression is not only a burden in itself when occurring alone it is a significant comorbidity that has a huge impact on the outcome of various other physical health disorders.

For example

In cardiovascular settings 20-30-% patients have depression along with heart diseases

High prevalence of depression is found in COPD and other lung disorders like bronchitis and asthma

high prevalence of depression in peptic ulcer patients or ciliac disease patients

30 % diabetic people have depression which makes their diabetes worse and diabetes in turn makes their depression worse

Hypothyroidism has strong association with depression

30-35% of post stroke patients have depression, in dementia almost 20-30% have depression

10-20 % CANCER patients have depression -making their outcome worse

20-40% of patients with HIV have depression

30-60% of skin disorder patients have depression

depression is very common in postpartum, pregnancy and post menopausal periods in females


when depression occurs with these conditions it affects their outcome very badly, it makes the disorders worse , their symptoms increase, response to treatment becomes poor and it also affects patient’s adherence to treatment.

How to recognize if someone you know is having some physical disorder but also developing depression

look for these signs—

-person remains low, sad most of the time

-crying spells triggered by trivial stimuli

-person loses interest in pleasurable things as well as interest in treatment

-talks indicate hopelessness, worthlessness, helplessness (I am a burden..not good for anything..this is my end kind of statements)

-sleep disturbance

-treatment or food refusal

-aches and pains out of proportion to the physical illness

-becoming slow in activities

-remains withdrawn, not interacting much

-expresses death wishes or suicidal thoughts


if you find these mood and behavioral changes in someone close to you..take him/her to a psychiatrist as early as possible

Remember if we do not treat the COMORBID-DEPRESSION, the other disorders will also not respond to the treatment as expected.

Remember depression is a disorder like any other physical illness and it is treatable.












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