Mental health in Work Place – Dr Madhusudan Singh Solanki

The theme for this year’s world mental health day 10th October 2017 is “MENTAL HEALTH IN WORK PLACE”. we spend more than half of our active adult life at our work place hence it becomes very important to take care of our mental health at work place, cause your work place affects your mental health and your mental health affects your work place.

Mental health issues are currently one of the major contributors to global disability world wide

One third of illness-related worker absenteeism is tied to mental rather than physical disorders.

Depression is currently ranked fourth amongst global burden of diseases

India currently has the largest number of depressed patients in the world

India is also the suicide capital of the world with most suicides occurring in the age group of 15-29.

Majority of these suicides are preventable if the underlying mental health issue are addressed

Mental health disorders are disorders like physical disorders

Brain is an organ of the body that can get sick just like liver, heart or kidney. Chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters which regulate how people think, feel and act can get out of balance and hence result in mental health disorders like depression or anxiety etc.

Anyone can get a mental health issue regardless of age, race, economic status or environment. Stress can play a part in triggering or exacerbating a mental health issue.

One should not be ashamed of having a mental health issue like one is not ashamed of other illnesses like heart disease or diabetes

Shame and stigma are the main reasons people don’t seek and get the help they need.


Warning signs that point to a mental health problem

if you notice these new behavioural changes in yourself or someone close to you…

Frequent changes in the mood that is inappropriate to the situation eg feeling excessively low

Losing interest in things that were earlier enjoyed

Remaining withdrawn, not talking or interacting much

Frequent irritability, anger outbursts or violent episodes

Death wishes or suicidal ideas or plans

Increased alcohol or other substance use

Changes in sleep or appetite

Difficulty concentrating or forgetfulness


Excessive anxiety worry or apprehension

Not taking care of self or hygiene


Some tips for positive mental health in work place

Exercise regularly

Follow a routine

Prioritize things in life

Inculcate stress bursting activities like music, gardening etc

Take small breaks during work to de-stress

Do not take work to home or vice versa

Stop smoking and cut down alcohol

Share and ventilate your feelings with your loved ones

Seek professional help if you notice excessive stress or warning signs of mental health issues

How the organizations can improve mental health well being at work place

Reward and recognition for good work.

Making the employees partner in major decisions affecting their jobs

Improving communication at all levels of organization

Ensure right for and role for the employees.

Providing right opportunities for career growth

Flexible work timings

Promoting healthy lifestyle

Mental health awareness programs

Providing accessible mental health care through tie ups or reimbursement.


The time has come when organizations should realize the benefits of mentally healthy and committed work force for long term gains, hence mental health should be given the priority it deserves.

Dr Madhusudan Singh Solanki

Consultant Psychiatrist

Max Smart Superspeciality Hospital

Saket New Delhi 110017



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