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Mental Health awareness and stigma.

The biggest challenge before mental health professionals is the stigma associated with psychiatric disorders, it is not only associated with the illness, it is associated with the patients, their caregivers and also there is significant stigma attached to the psychiatric fraternity itself. A Report from a Global Programme of the World Psychiatric Association says that “the pervasive effects of stigma deeply affect patient’s  life and disease management and care. Moreover, there is evidence that stigma is growing despite ever increasing advances in our understanding of the etiology and treatment of psychiatric disorders”.

Only way to reduce this menace so prevalent in Indian context, is to create awareness in the masses regarding successful treatment possibility of psychiatric disorders, their biopsychosocial etiology,  to bust the prevalent myths, and by providing psychiatric treatment facility in the general hospitals and in the community rather than in the isolated mental hospitals.

Spreading awareness regarding mental health and well being and using arts to spread positivity and therefore to reduce stigma associated with mental illness has been one of my areas of  interest and so came out this song phool kho gaye


here is what zeenews.com has to say about this song

New Delhi March 04 2012: A young psychiatrist has come up with a song to fight stigma attached with people suffering from mental disorders and to create awareness in the society on their plight.

The video song `phool kho gaye` composed and sung by Dr Madhusudan, working with the Safdarjung hospital here, is getting support and appreciation from people, NGOs and fellow doctors.

The composition is aimed at bringing awareness towards the suffering of mentally ill people.

According to Colonel (retd) A K Mehndiratta, president of NGO `Prayatan` which works for the rehabilitation of mentally challenged patients, said the song truly explains the problems faced by such patients and how the stigma and attitude of people forces them to continue to suffer in silence.

“I was deeply concerned about the condition of the people having psychiatric disorders and it was indeed painful to see that many patients either don`t seek treatment at all or stop treatment due the stigma attached to psychiatric disorders and treatment,” Madhusudan, a senior resident doctor with the Psychiatry department, said.

“I realised that there was a huge lack of awareness and support in our society towards such patients. Hence, I decided to do something about it and composed a song to sensitise people about the gravity of this issue,” he said.

Madhusudan, a gold medallist in psychiatry, has written and sung a variety of songs including one on Delhi Metro.


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