Tumse milke -Madhusudan Singh Solanki


Safar : The call of the spiritual Dr Madhusudan Singh Solanki


Desh Mere: Dr Madhusudan Singh Solanki



Delhi Metro song Raga Dan Remix Madhusudan Singh Solanki ft Roll Rida & Megh Uh Watt


Delhi metro song Madhusudan Singh Solanki feat. Megh Uh Watt & Roll Rida



Om Joy Mantra Decca Orange remix- Madhusudan Singh Solanki

Lagan lagi: Baba Bulle Shah  A beautiful Sufi song

Composed arranged and sung by Dr Madhusudan SIngh Solanki

Safar: The call of the unknown This track delves into the importance of accepting ignorance…remaining humble and evolving by the quest to search…to know more…to know the unknown.

A New age Fusion track

Chanting bells – Madhusudan singh solanki

A wonderful tribute to the agony and pain of mentally ill patients, this song which is composed, written and sung by Dr Madhusudan spreads awareness regarding mental health and strikes a blow on the ghost of stigma attached to mental illness and  kindles hope that mental illness is indeed curable and the first thing we require is a change in our attitude towards mental illness and mentally ill patients…it  will surely bring a smile to millions of mentally ill people and would begin the process of positive change in the lives of millions of people who suffer silently more so because of the stigma rather than the disease..

You too can help THIS CAUSE…begin by sharing this song…blessings!!



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